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About us

A 28 Years Old Media Group, that knows exactly what it means of Exportation and Tourism for  Turkey and the Turkish economy, as well as the importance of communication for the Turkish Exportation and the promotion for the Turkish Tourism.  Turkey has a new and very important gate to the World now; NEWS FROM TURKEY

We believe that, English “NEWS FROM TURKEY” Newspaper and its Website will be great link between Turkish Exporters and the buyers all over the world. NEWS FROM TURKEY becomes an important assignment ring for the economy and management chain and will reach the sources of Buyers all over the world for Turkey’s Exports and promotion by the support and the cooperation of elected/assigned country managers and organizations

We emphasize; “MonthlyNEWS FROM TURKEY NEWSPAPER and “dailyNEWS FROM TURKEY WEBSITE will take on a very “important” assignment by using the modern communication systems and technology for the importers, investors and tourists of foreign countries, and their organizations and companies to communicate with TURKEY and for the promotion of Turkey and Turkish Tourism.

While doing this assignment, our main goal is to respond your expectations and wishes, furthermore to help and mediate your news and messages to arrive their destinations.

Since our “English” Newspaper and Website, “publicized on the axis of “export and promotion“, act in unison with Turkish business establishments and exporters and their professional organizations.

For the development  of  Turkish Tourism and promotion, we introduce  , a geography which extends  from Edirne to Van, From Trabzon to Antalya, from Izmir to Antakya, from  Istanbul to Mardin, the  Anatolian centers of “Nature / History / Belief / Trade” , to the world .  

  • NEWS FROM TURKEY’s paperback distribution overseas is organized  by TURKISH EXPORTER
  • In addition to the wide paperback distribution network, our digital newspaper can be read for free in 153 countries on all the IOS and Android devices (Phone’s and Tablet PC’s) as well. 
  • It is possible to reach 100.000 trade/investment/promotion/tourism/ local administration companies and organizations worldwide, through our newspaper.

Our newspaper, digital newspaper and website has started broadcasting on of June 2017.   We started broadcasting as a National Media Group.  And with your kind supports on behalf of the   development of global trade and tourism. We believe that we will  be able to be a global media  group which known worldwide in a short term.