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Aydin fig: Which type to prefer?

Fig is a miracle of nature. It had always been a symbol of abundance throughout generations. In ancient Greece, crowns made from fig leaves were accepted as a symbol of fertility. The sacred books mention it as a paradise fruit

It is known that Siddharta Guatama was inspired while sitting under the fig tree for forming the basis of Buddhism. The Old Testament often mentions the fig. The Jews eat figs on their holy feasts. In Qur’an, Allah is swearing on figs: “Swearing on the fig, the olive, the Mount Sinai and that ensured city. We created human in a beautiful way.” (Tin 95/1-4)

Fig’s motherland is Anatolia. Spreading globally by time, it famed in Middle East, India and China. Today, best figs in Anatolia are grown in Aydin region. Aydin’s particularly Erbeyli and Germencik-Ortaklar regions are areas where the most delicious figs grow.

The first question you need to ask when you buy fig is whether it’s a mountain fig or plain fig. This distinction in terms of incoherence and taste is important. Mountain fig is largely nurtured by natural conditions. Irrigation and spraying are not done specially. Because it is not watered, less but more delicious product is harvested.

Plain figs are grown with classical agricultural processes. The efficiency is high because of irrigation. But in terms of taste, it is one step behind of mountain figs.

Yes, of course mountain figs! Over 300 different fig types, two of them steps forward in Aydin.

“Sari lop” mountain fig: Its mass is not very big, color tending yellow and the taste is in very high level. As the appearance of plain figs is more magnificent and its price is cheaper, people often prefer it. However, it is possible to find classical Aydin mountain figs in the marketplaces in the region from October to November.

“Bardacik” fig: The body looks like a light crack, stems a longer and the color is a bit darker. Its rind is thinner. Especially the locals of the Aegean prefer Bardacik fig. Contrary to the external appearance, the inside is jammy and extremely delicious. It is usually grown in the mountain villages of Aydin and Izmir.

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