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Two gold stars for Alanar cherry

Cherries produced by Alanar Fruit within Tekfen Agriculture earned two gold star flavour certificates with a score of 87.9 percent as a result of an assessment by the Brussels-based International Taste Institute. Tekfen and Alanar received their award and certificate at a ceremony held in Brussels on June 24th, 2019.

The International Taste Institute tests are done with a completely blind tasting method. Not the origin of the brand or product, but the high sensory analysis of the flavor it gives comes to the fore. Turkish cherry proved its taste and quality with the sertificate.

“Turkish cherry was certified as one of the most delicious fruits by a jury of about 200 people from all over the world, including Michelin-starred chefs. Our goal is to achieve similar achievements with different fruits,” Mr Emrah Ince, general manager of Tekfen Agriculture said.

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