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InterFresh Eurasia 2019 gathers global players of fresh fruits and vegs sector

InterFresh Eurasia Vegetable and Fruit, Storage, Packaging and Logistics Exhibition is being held in Antalya-Anfaş Expo Center on October 16-19. A large number of foreign procurement delegations are also coming to the fair, which is opening its second edition this year. We talked about the details of the event with Mr Murat Özer, General Manager of Antexpo.

With InterFresh Eurasia, Turkey achieved a domestic and national fresh fruit and vegetable fair. What would you say if you would like to emphasize the meaning and importance of the fair held for the second time in this respect?

First of all, I can say that InterFresh Eurasia Fair is an “export project of Turkey”. After two years of feasibility, we decided to choose the place that would contribute most to the success of the fair. Sub-stakeholders of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector such as production, seed and breeding are meeting at InterFresh Eurasia. At this point, we care very much about foreign procurement delegations. From the price to the infrastructure, we set out our experiences for a fair that meets international standards. Though it was our first edition last year, we brought in over 500 procurement delegations from over twenty countries. We aim to grow firms’ share in global trade. It is very important for our country and our sector to make Interfresh Fair, which is the only fair of a country which is an important exporter in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables, an internationally demanded fair. I think that if this fair is supported by procurement delegations from abroad and the number of buyers is increased, the interest of both our domestic exporters and importers in other countries will increase too. There is an important demand from various countries to attend the fair, to observe the development of Turkish agriculture and to see the fresh fruit and vegetable production areas in Antalya and to see latest agricultural tools and machinery tools. It is possible to reach two billion people with a maximum of four-hour flight from Antalya. Direct flights are made from Antalya to 255 destinations around the world. It’s the capital of Turkish tourism and hospitality sector and offers services above world standards. Although it is not a global player in the production and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, Germany for instance, is hosting an important fair and Turkish companies are participating nationally in this fair on behalf of Turkey. ‘Why should there not be such a fair in Turkey, why should international buyers and sellers not meet in the paradise of fresh fruit and vegetables’ we set out by saying. We developed one, three and five year strategies and plans for this. Knowing that foreign buyers and sellers will not change their habits easily, we have worked stubbornly and patiently to develop the project.

How many companies and delegations are participating in this year’s fair? What are your visitor expectations?

This year, we welcome overseas buyers from 23 different countries in Antalya. Interfresh Eurasia successfully proceeded in domestic promotional efforts throughout the year. Procurement delegatios organization is carried out with the support of the Western Mediterranean Development Agency (BAKA). We expect the contribution of Interfresh Eurasia to export this year to be over $ 5 million. The fair, which is under the radar of the target markets in Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa, will contribute to the sector this year with its special sections. Pressurized water systems special section will be held by Pressurized Irrigation Industrialists Association (BASUSAD) and Association of Cooling, Preventing and Transport Sciences and Industrialists (SOMTAD) will add value to the event with its special section.

What activities will be held during the fair?

At Interfresh Eurasia, the problems of the sector will also be discussed with panels. Following panels and events will be organized within this context: Storage of agricultural products, packaging and logistics panel; our achievements in development of summer vegetable varieties; new varieties of winter vegetables for our goals; the unions and cooperatives for agricultural products; overview of the agricultural machinery sector; agricultural irrigation summit; cover materials and their applications in agricultural products, global values and international logistics in fresh fruit and vegetable exportation; our newly developed grape varieties; atmosphere controlled case technology to prevent post-harvest losses; new technologies in fruit and vegetable production; residues in fruits and vegetables.

How were B2B events planned?

European Business Development Platform, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ege University and Interfresh Eurasia will take place in cooperation with B2B-bilateral business meetings, which will be specially prepared for future buyers from Europe. Fair participants will meet and support the increase of exports. Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Iran, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Ukraine, Jordan and Greece will take place in B2B events.

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