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Food price in Turkish capital up by 28 pct this year

A study conducted in the Turkish capital Ankara by a public workers’ union found an increase of 28 percent in food prices in the first seven month of the year and a rise of 59 percent in the last 12 months, left-leaning news site Duvar said.

The union gathers prices from supermarkets and markets regularly and uses a selection of 77 basic foodstuffs to monitor food prices and inflation.

The July study shows a total increase of 28 percent from in food prices this year, with dairy prices increasing 37 and fruit prices 42 percent.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute’s (TÜİK) 2018 Household Consumption Expenditures Survey, food makes up 20 percent of spending for the general population, with the poorest 20 percent spending 29 percent of their income on food and the richest 20 percent spending 15 percent.

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