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Turkish Airlines’ first Boeing 787-9, a new business class, has taken wing

Turkish Airlines’ first Boeing 787-9 has taken wing, and it’s also packing an impressive new business class seat which is promised to deliver a trio of traveller-friendly traits – “full flat, full access, full privacy” – for premium passengers.

And that padding around the curved interior of the shell? It’s suede-like Alcantara, which not only feels lush and warm but reduces cabin noise so you seat becomes a little more like a cosy cocoon, especially when it folds out into a 72″ (1.83m) flat bed.

There’s also an 18″ HD video display, shelves and storage nooks next to the passenger and a privacy screen between the paired middle seats.

This is the same business class seat as featured on Turkish Airlines’ Airbus 350 fleet, which follows the Dreamliners into the skies from April 2020.

It’s also serving as Singapore Airlines’ regional business class seat on Boeing 787-10 and selected Airbus A350 aircraft, which informs us as to the layout of the business class cabin, with all 30 seats ranked in two alternating row layouts.

One row sees the passengers in seats A and K located directly next to the window, with a wide shelf between them and the aisle, and the middle seats (D and F) positioned next to one another (with a sliding privacy panel between them).

The next row swaps things around, with the ‘window’ passenger now seated at the aisle – and a shelf between them and the window – and the centre passengers set apart.

Turkish Airlines has signed on the dotted line for 25 Dreamliners to be delivered through to 2023 – the first six alone are due by the end of August 2019 – with options for five more up its sleeve.

Turkish Airlines’ Boeing 787 will take wing in mid-2019

Turkish Airlines’ first international Boeing 787-9 flights will begin from Istanbul to Bali on July 17 – also on the Dreamliner’s dance card are London, Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C, Mexico City, Delhi, Panama and Bogota.

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