Keller & Vardarcı Industries

Keller & Vardarcı is a leading company in production of oil and edible oil seeds processing mahinery and equipment. Board Member of the company, Ms. Gülser Vardarcı Kacar underlines that they expand their export market each year and make more and more R&D investments.

Could you tell about the starting of your company and how it came till today?

Vardarcı Makina, which is in the sector for 60 years, has been known by the foreign companies for its production power. Family and commercial relations have been developed with Egon Keller Gmbh + Co.Kg. before the start of the cooperation then after we entered into a long working period. As a result of mutual trust, trade and family ties, Keller & Vardarci Ind. has joined their forces as two experienced companies. We established German and Turkish partnership in 2004 and to showed off our power in global scale at İzmir Gaziemir Aegean Free Zone.

What are the steps you take to become a looked-for brand?

First of all, we attach great importance to product quality and service. The work we do is a very niche business as we produce machinery and equipment to process oil plants like cotton, sunflower, soybean and canola from beginning to up to the crude oil part. We give also great importance to R&D to  improve ourselves and our products each and everyday. For example, we are an expert in cottonseeds processing machinery and equipment like Delinting Machinery in the World, and also Machinery and Equipment for Oil Crushing Mills.

We are also participating in Oils & Fats, Food Processing fairs especially in all geographical areas related to our production in order to increase our recognition abroad. We make new markets by carrying out visits to firms that are related in our business.

In addition to domestic and international fairs, we get in touch with potential countries and get customer reports through the sites like Kompass and Turkish Exporter.

We also add the videos of factories that we have established as Keller & Vardarci on YouTube, and most companies find us on the internet or by our references.

What is your sustainable export policy for 2018 in terms of the vision of your company, which has been operating in the sector for many years?

As Keller & Vardarci, we have new enterprises in exports for the year of 2018 with our experience gained from past years. Our goal is not only to find new customers, but also to maintain our current position as a reliable partner. Keller & Vardarci serve engineering support both before and after the purchasing process due to our customers’ needs.

Which countries do you export? What are your export figures?

As Keller & Vardarci, we set oil crushing mills in Germany, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, Zambia and Brazil since the year we established. We are currently working on new projects in Uzbekistan and Africa.

What do you think about the international market?

We are trying to clearly identify the goals, objectives and difficulties that will be introduced to the market in order to be successful in overseas. Being able to provide a presence in a market abroad can require more time than in the local market. However, if you are qualified with your product and if you are satisfied with your support before and after the sales process and if you give confidence in your customers, you will not have any trouble finding new markets. In order to succeed in the international market, it is essential that to earn the client’s trust before anything else.

What are your new investment goals?

As Keller & Vardarci, we will continue to accelerate the investments of R&D and Industry 4.0 with domestic and foreign market surveys this year as well. We aim to increase our exports by market surveys and plan visits in target countries that we have determined.

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