Academic support to Aegean exporters

The Warden of Ege University Prof. Dr. Budak said that Ege University is ready for the motivation of the improving of the country’s economy by highlighting that the business world should work together in his visit to the Head of Aegean Exporters Association Coordinator Jak Eskinazi. Prof. Dr. Budak said that he will take new steps to transfer a 63-year scientific build-up to the society with 3 thousand 300 academic staff.

Prof. Dr. Budak said “We wish to actualize our mission of transferring our knowledge build-up to the society which was also in our establishing philosophy as Ege University. We are carrying on steps towards this way with idealist feelings. The way for Turkey’s economy to improve, grow and to be able to compete with the world is by universities to transfer their scientific work to the production industry. With this awareness, Ege University is taking action with a new motivation to share the scientific information with the society. We wish to take steps with our industrialists and exporters about collaborations. We want to contribute to this economic struggle as much as we can as a university. Izmir and Aegean region have and important place in the economy of Turkey with both industrial production and export potential. Our university will continue its efforts towards strengthening our city’s, region’s and country’s economy.”

Head of Aegean Exporters Association Coordinator Jak Eskinazi recorded that they believe in the collaboration of university-industry, that Aegean Export Association and Ege University has succeeded mutual projects to increase the export of products that has accretion value and that they are ready for the collaborations to increase in the process among us.

Eskinazi gave the information that 12 out of 7 export association have shown activity in the agriculture industry and 5 of them in the industrial sector who are present in the Aegean Exporters Association. He spoke “As the textile industry we have been working with Ege University Textile Engineering for many years. We will determine which subjects our industries wish to work in collaboration with the university and we will take action. If export is good, Turkey will be well, we will reach 2023 export targets by acting together.”

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