Seyfeli Tekstil sustains growing in organic

Seyfeli Textile started with the production of men’s and children’s shirts. Later, it expanded its production range to women’s, kids’ and baby knitwear and wovens. Seyfeli has also introduced organic textiles and provides organic certified plush fabrics.

The company is founded in 1997 by Ayhan and Bilgehan Seyfeli in Izmir. By adding women and baby products to the product range, Seyfeli Tekstil is producing and exporting both knitting and weaving groups.

Seyfeli Textile got interested in organic textile in 2002 and became the most experienced organic manufacturer in Izmir. It has been exporting the products to Europe countries mostly.

In addition to producing its own organic fabric, Seyfeli is also the biggest company to issue organic certificates Seyfeli is the most experienced company in Izmir’s organic production and mainly exports organic products to the European Union countries. Seyfeli Textile also takes an active role in various events organized along with the Aegean Clothing Industries Association and Aegean Exporters’ Associations in order to contribute to the development of organic textile in Turkey.

The company describes its philosophy with the following: “Think Humanity – Whether it is customers or employees, do business as considering human rights and outcome of our work. Think Environment – We will try to leave a liveable world for future generations, as minimizing the harming to environment and nature during our work. Having Share of the Success – For the better results, keep the highest level of determination to succeed and work. Be Only One Team – Assure that all the units to work together in the spirit of a single team. Be Innovative – To be open to the new ideas, new methods; believing in efficiency and performing it successfully.

Seyfeli Textile Sales and Marketing Manager Seray Seyfeli explains their mission as succeeding and growing through working in a virtuous and honest manner, in good relationships with all employees. Whether it is with customers or employees, Seyfeli expresses that human rights are at the basis of business culture, and that they “strive to minimize the negative effect they have the environment in the course of production and business. Thus, we are trying to leave a habitable world for future generations.”

Seray Seyfeli summarizes the past and present of Seyfeli Tekstil like so: “We are where we are thanks to sure and solid steps. We have been exporting for 20 years and in 2002, we switched to organic textile production. We are the most important organic exportation company in Izmir. We are working with Control Union on organic production and we are the biggest company to issue organic certificates in Izmir. In this sense, our market share is growing.

We organize collections for the fairs we go to for organic every season. Besides that, we also make conventional products. As for the product groups, we usually work with the top-group knitting. We also have a weaving group, but our share in total production is around 15%. We also work with models in which weaving and knitting are combined together. We mainly export to Europe. We started to work with Germany. Then France began to intensify. We work with Austria, we work with England. We are also opening new markets to our company. We are now focused on the northern countries.”

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