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Limited production, high quality: CMRT Olive Oil

Ayvalık along with Toskana and Girit is one of the three areas that olive oil is produced at the best quality all over the world. Mustafa İbrahim Cömert, the last generation representative of Cömert family, takes its roots from the Lesbos Island. They have been producing olive oil since five generations in Ayvalık and continue to produce 60 to 70 tons of high-quality olive oil each year with the CMRT brand.

The roots of the Cömert family are based on Güle Village of the island of Lesbos, overlooking Ayvalık. There were olive groves which belonged to the previous generations of the family and an olive oil factory named Bekir Cömertoğulları (ZADE).

Mustafa Cömert, his brothers Ali, Yusuf, Mehmet, earned a living in Midilli by working with their father. In 1923, with the population exchange between Turkey and Greece, the family that came to Ayvalık continued to produce olives and olive oil.

As it is known, the exchange means the process in which Greek citizens in Turkey migrate to Greece and Turks in Greece migrate to Turkey. It was not easy to settle and adapt to the new places of the exiles who came from the island of Lesbos in Greece. The family set up their factories in Ayvalik by struggling with great difficulties and obtaining olive trees. With a century of experience, the fifth generations of the Cömertzade family continue to produce the olive oil that their grandfathers with the same knowledge, care and morality just like the past years. Some of the natural, pure olive oil they produce is derived from the family olive groves in the Ayvalık region and some from the olive groves of Ayvalık’s deep-rooted producers.

Natural methods are used in the production of olives.


Mustafa Ibrahim Cömert, who created the CMRT brand, describes the story of the family and the brand as: “My grandfather’s father started this work in Lesbos Island.

In fact, the stones of our factory still stand in the square of our village there.

With my great grandfather Bekir Cömert, my grandfather Mustafa Cömert came to Ayvalık in the years of population exchange with his brothers and they continued their work. But the goods they bought here are only one-third of the goods they left.

They established a company called Bekir Cömertoğulları. The oil they produced went to Paris. My grandfather also started his own production by establishing a company called Mustafa Cömert. He also had four children and he also built a company for them. At that time, this company sold 3.200 tons of boxed olive oil. ”


Cömert tells us that they entered into a new process with the sale of the existing company in 1998: When my great-grandfather died in 1998, the company could not collect what was owed to them and had to sell the company. This meant the disappearance of the brand Cömert.  We were doing bulk oil olive business with Ali Güreli at that time. People started to call and said that Cömert olive oil was not its old good quality any more. The company was not ours any more but the production was produced in the name of Cömert.  As a result, when we were doing bulk olive oil business we also engaged in the business of boxed olive oil in the brand of Cömert.

If you prune old olives, new produce will come out young and fresh, so, we had pruned the aged Cömert and turned it into CMRT. ”


Cömert says they often do cold-pressed olive oil production: We are trying to do the normal pressed like cold-pressed ones. Our bottles labeled with cream color are cold-pressed, our bottles with green label have normal pressed ones and our bottles labeled with burgundy contain essential oils.

We also have olive oil, which we collect in olive red and produce only 500 bottles, and we present it in white labeled bottles. We also have a very special oil with which we have received the Mario Solinas award and we are preparing it in half-liter bottles. In the coming days we will be in Eataly stores.

CMRT oils can be found in Cunda Hotel, Istanbul Disrupted Tatlar and Unal Farm. We also sell our products in our own store in Ayvalık and on our internet site.

Our main business is bulk oil, but as CMRT we produce 60-70 tons of very high quality olive oil and appeal to the A segment.

So we produce a little quantity but high quality. We want it to be little but genuine. We produce skin cream out of olive oil. We use 0,6-0,7 acidity level oils to produce skin creams. Therefore, we produce cream from edible quality olive oil. We use the same quality olive oil with our soaps. We use the same scent as we did 80 years ago.





It is produced from our specially selected olives. The acid ratio is less than 0.8 percent and is offered to be consumed in its natural form.

Free fatty acid (in% Oleic acid) max 0.8 Peroxide max <20 meq Active Oxygen / kg fat.

Specific cooling in ultraviolet light K (232 nm) <2.5 K (270 nm) <0.22 Delta K <0.01.


Extra virgin fresh cold pressed olive oil. It is quality olive oil which can be processed from a 27 degrees environment. This oil which is suggested to be consumed in salads and sauces can also be used in hot dishes.


It is the traditional 100% olive oil soap. This is made of almost edible olive oil without any coloring materials, and it is at its natural scent and color.  Olive oil soap, which has its own refreshing fragrance, also contains high-grade vitamin E. You can indulge your skin and hair with this soap which does not contain any additives and is completely made up of organic ingredients.




Olive oil soap, which is known to heal eczema and other skin diseases such as psoriasis, generously presents all the healing properties of olives to human beings. In old times, women’s skins used to glitter. They owed their small pores, wrinkle-free, acne-free, clear and white skin to vegetable soaps, which were produced naturally, especially olive oil soap. Rapidly aging and deforming skin is the result of the usage of extravagant cosmetic materials, wrong nutrition, sunbathing, intense sugar, smoking and alcohol consumption, inadequate sleeping arrangements, polluted air, stressful city life, genetic factors and other adverse conditions and we can keep healthy and young by using healthy nutrition and natural materials.

We can provide the comfort that our skin deserves with the olive oil soap which is the by-product of the olive that distributes healing and beauty for centuries. Let your skin glitter with our natural ways.

Olive oil soaps, containing vitamins E, D and K which are useful for the skin, show healing effects, destroys the pneumocystis over time and shrinks large pores. In addition, thanks to its antiseptic properties; acne, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, yeast, allergy, and rashes can be avoided. If you have acne prone skin, olive oil soap will be of support to the treatment you are receiving from the dermatologist.

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