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A journey of taste from Bulgaria to Ayvalik


Ramadan Çetin Olive Oil is on its way to becoming a world brand

1930’s… Migration season … Ramadan Çetin is heading for a new country with his family, to start a new page of his life … Edirne-Keşan,a new house, the first stop of a new life … After years of struggle, in 1965 second and the last stop, Altınova …

As a new home for Ramadan Çetin and his family to grow, Altınova will be the homeland they longed for a beginning filled with successes.

Ramadan Çetin’s three children also opened their eyes in Altınova. Altınova was a turning point in Ramadan Çetin’s life. The region’s greatest natural gift was turned into a success story. By working with olive trees, Ramadan Çetin, the first entrepreneur industrialist of Altınova, has provided many businessmen with work experience.

Aktepe Region… Country of the miracle Ramadan Çetin created… The most productive land of Ayvalik is located in the Aktepe Region is a paradise for the olive trees… The extraordinary taste given to the olives by the region has been proved by the researches made. Olive trees that catch perfection with the combination of light and wind offer the most fertile and nutritious olive oil to human beings …

Ramadan Çetin, who added quality, experience, patience and self-sacrifice to the olives of Aktepe Region, offers the same flavor to the tables he had been a guest of for many years. Ayvalık’s most beautiful olive oil is so indescribable…

Ramadan Çetin, who thinks about the people you love as much as you brings perfection to your meals by processing the olives of nature’s greatest heritage in different flavors and aromas.

A life that hosts all the meanings of the olive… A life lived through with patience, effort, devotion just like an olive tree…This is a story of flavor extending from Bulgaria to Ayvalık, from the Çetin family to a family… This story is told by Adile Çetin Temiz; General Manager of Ramadan Çetin Olive Oil.

Could you tell me about Ramadan Çetin and the emergence of ‘’Ramadan Çetin’’ as a brand?

We are a well-established family that has built the first continous olive oil factory in the Altınova region and have been producing for about 30 years. Two years ago, in the year 2015 our company, which operates in the form of serving olive oil and garlic, was branded… As Ramadan Çetin Olive Oil, we produce high quality olive oil from harvested olives and harvest them with our brand. We are focused on exportation in the domestic market.

Can you talk about your products’ features and sales policy?

We’re working with cold-pressing. In this sense, we offer the highest quality product and all our product groups have cold-pressed olive oil. Our products, which are all specially produced, can be accessed and purchased from our internet site. Apart from this, we have a retail sale in Ayvalik. We export our branded products. We do not think about mass sales to hotels and restaurants. We produce a small number of high-quality products. Especially we want to do business with Japan, Canada and United States.

Japan is a difficult and important market, what do you think about it?

Our exporters’ associations have good work in Japan. The delegations are going there and doing a solid job. In particular, activities are being carried out to identify the olive oil of the people of the Far East, who have a different taste, and these efforts are also paying off. We see that tasting work is very good. Especially the Japanese have a very selective structure and it is not so easy to sell goods to Japan and export them. They have a very principled structure. However, once you start doing business with Japan, it is not difficult to achieve continuity. We want to ensure this continuity and make Ramadan Çetin brand known in the Japanese market and we are carrying out our work for this.

Besides, Chinese market is a very big and important market. In the People’s Republic of China we have connections. We work with specific customers and produce high quality olive oil demanded by these countries.

Do you make product development studies for olive oil?

Our product development work is in progress. It is necessary to start working at this very low level. First, the manufacturer has to produce consciously, and we are gradually providing this in the Ayvalık region. Because the base of olive oil is olive fruit and its base is the olive tree. The care of the tree and harvesting with the right methods are of great importance. In this sense, we give great importance to the education of our farmers who produce olives, whom we work with while producing our olive oil. We take their training in the field very seriously. Ramadan Çetin brand uses olives produced in this way. In this sense, we are ready to be with our other producers who are seeking support from us.

What kind of products do you have in this sense?

Other than our early and normal harvest products which are all cold-pressed products, we have other studies especially about sauces and products that are results of these studies. The olive paste we produce from black olives is one of them. This product is not a classical olive paste but an “olive sauce” which we make by using caper and garlic with first class black olives. We also have a hot sauce which we process with extra-virgin olive oil.

What kind of contribution will the Ayvalık olive oil geographical sign provide?

Yes, Ayvalik olive oil has taken its geographical sign. This is really important. This took place under the leadership of Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce and we are now preparing to carry it to Europe. There are also initiatives related to this. This geographical sign is an international value and an indication of conscious production I have just mentioned.




Crop of 2017/2018, olive oil of the Ayvalık region, carefully harvested in October and squeezed by the cold-press method. It is unfiltered and packed in 100% natural form so that its antioxidants and vitamins are preserved. Since it is not filtered, it is natural to form sediments. It can be used at breakfast, in salads, in baked goods and in all kinds of dishes. Free fatty acid (% oleic acid) max 0.5.


Crop of 2017/2018, olive oil of Ayvalık region. Unfiltered and packed in 100% natural state. Our recommendation is to consume olive oil, which is the doctor of your family, in addition to meals,  consume in the morning, 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach.


Crop of 2017, olive oil of Ayvalik region. It was carefully collected in December, pressed and rested in air and light-permeable chrome tanks and packed 100% naturally. Free fatty acid (in% oleic acid) max 0.5.


It is made up of natural materials such as olives, olive oil, garlic and spices. No additives are used. It can be consumed at breakfast or as pasta sauce. A taste with the smell of Ayvalık olives that is produced with love and devotion, prepared by HANE CAFE / Hande Solakoğlu.


A different hot sauce prepared using fresh hot peppers of Ayvalık region. It does not contain any additives. Prepared by HANE CAFE / Hande Solakoğlu, a lovingly and carefully produced flavor. We warn you, it’s really hot.

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